Top 10 timeless dating rules for women

The debate rages on about whether youth tops experience in or out of the bedroom.

Still, you have to admit there is something pretty intoxicating about being with a man who has the finesse to woo a woman.

A few years ago, I spent several hours people-watching in an outdoor café on the coast of the Italian Riviera.

As the yachts pulled into the harbor, I saw a few well-heeled young women with fit bodies disembark on the arms of tanned, distinguished older men.

You just might find that safety and security in the arms of an older man.

Over the years I think I’ve watched every one of the top pick up artist films, so I’ve decided to list them all and see if you agree.

The result is a more youthful appearance combined with the sophistication that comes along with a few gray hairs.

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It can be fun to become a part of his inner circle and for him to become a part of yours.He can plan a real date and take the romantic lead.A man who has mastered the nuances of dating and romance won’t have to do as much on-the-job training because he’ll already know how to make you happy.I’m not recommending that you take the gold-digger approach to finding love.However, once you are in a dating relationship, you may decide to share or combine resources.

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